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Our Spiritual DNA

 UP - IN - OUT

Worship                      Fellowship                           Mission

- UP -

Developing a vibrant friendship with God by gathering weekly to worship Him, to learn from His word, and to encourage one another toward next steps in our faith. 

- IN -

Jesus placed great emphasis on building close spiritual friendships to share life's journey experiencing a transformed, fulfilled, and deeply satisfying life.  


- OUT -

Our calling is to love people as Jesus did and to be known in our community and world as a people that give selflessly for the benefit of others.  



We invite you to join us as we grow UP, IN, and OUT together. 

Worship                      Fellowship                           Mission


How We Grow


Life Groups

Smaller gatherings spread out within our communities dedicated to living UP, IN, and OUT together with Jesus.

Romans 12:10-16



Having a spiritual mentor to guide and encourage us from one step to the next is central to our faith.

2 Timothy 2:2

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Connecting with God also means connecting with one another.  This is exactly why Jesus built His church - to have a spiritual family.  Here's how we connect as a family at Community Alliance Church.

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